Permitting Process


To construct, operate and close the proposed mine site in Kings Mountain, Albemarle must secure a series of permits or approvals from the City of Kings Mountain, several departments within the State of North Carolina, and the federal government. The permits are for the protection of the environment and the community to ensure the work associated with the mine complies with the highly regulated standards required by the governmental agencies.

Key Points:

  • Permits for the Kings Mountain mine cover areas such as water, air, noise and land with specific detailed categories/areas under each section as required by the different governmental agencies.
  • The review and approval process for permit applications can range from a few months to several years depending upon the complexity of the project and the permit information requirements.
  • The public may have the opportunity to comment on select permit applications for the mine project through the government agencies that offer a public comment process. Albemarle also encourages general feedback on the proposed mine project through various channels including our website, phone, email and a designated Project Center located in downtown Kings Mountain.

Preparing for the Permit

Albemarle is preparing for the permit application process by conducting an environmental assessment of the proposed mine site and Kings Mountain community. Detailed analysis of the collected data helps to inform a mitigation and management strategy for any identified or potential environmental or social concerns. This information is then used to prepare a permit application.

How the Public Can Participate

Government agencies have varying methods and timelines for how the public can participate in the permitting process. Often the public can comment on specific permits online and during agency-held public hearings. For example, state regulatory agencies typically offer a 30-day comment period on a draft application. The agencies typically provide directions on how the public can participate via newspaper ads or through other notification processes.

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