Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)


Albemarle is developing the mine in line with the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance's (IRMA) Standard for Responsible Mining, the most comprehensive and rigorous standard for assurance of responsible mining practices. A key element of the standard is to complete an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to better understand and manage potential impacts from the mine. Albemarle plans to use the outcomes of the impact assessment to develop environmental and social management plans to minimize adverse impacts and enhance benefits.


What is Included in the Assessment?

When we prepare an ESIA, we identify and assess potential impacts based on a detailed assessment of baseline environmental and social data. At a minimum, the ESIA will include an assessment of:

  • Potential impacts on the physical environment such as air quality, noise, vibration and water
  • Potential impacts on the biophysical environment such as wetlands, wildlife, and plants
  • Potential impacts on the human environment such as the local economy, community health and safety, cultural heritage, community services and infrastructure
  • Potential cumulative impacts of Kings Mountain mine together with other planned developments in the area
  • Impacts from unplanned events such as extreme weather events or accidents


Stakeholder Participation

Stakeholder participation is essential to developing a robust ESIA and we value your feedback and invite you to participate. In accordance with international best practice, stakeholders will have 60 days to review the draft Scoping Report and the draft ESIA Report.

Comments or questions related to the ESIA can be provided by phone, email, or in person:

Locations for Hard Copies of the ESIA draft Scoping Report  

  • Kings Mountain Project Center, 129 W. Mountain Street, Kings Mountain, NC 
  • H. Lawrence Patrick Senior Life Center, 909 E. King Street, Kings Mountain, NC
  • Mauney Memorial Library, 100 S. Piedmont Avenue, Kings Mountain, NC
  • Kings Mountain YMCA, 211 Cleveland Avenue, Kings Mountain, NC
  • Dover YMCA, 411 Cherryville Rd, Shelby, NC
  • Kings Mountain Farmers' Market, 125 S. Battleground Avenue, Kings Mountain, NC (Saturdays)