Blasting Operations


To restart mining operations at the Kings Mountain Mine, Albemarle plans to deepen and enlarge the existing pit by approximately 2,300 feet in the southwest direction. Albemarle will conduct blasting in the mine pit to fragment rock down to particle sizes that can be loaded by excavators and transported out of the mine by haul trucks.

Key Points:

  • Albemarle intends to identify and mitigate potential risks posed by blasting operations.
  • Albemarle expects to follow safe blasting standards and explosive management standards as required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and all applicable North Carolina state statutes.
  • Blasting is planned to occur two to five times per week. Albemarle does not anticipate noise and vibration levels will be significantly greater than existing background levels from the operating quarry adjacent to the mine.

Developing a Drill and Blast Strategy

Albemarle is working with experienced blasting consultants to develop a drill and blast management strategy. The strategy's purpose is to identify and mitigate potential risks posed by blasting such as rocks propelled by the blast, ground vibrations, noise, fumes and dust.

Mitigating Noise and Vibrations from Blasting

A noise monitoring and mitigation plan will be developed with results expected to be provided quarterly. A network of nine monitoring stations has been installed around the site to assess vibration and noise levels produced by the blasts and confirm they are well below established thresholds.

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