Mine Closure & Reclamation


Key Points:

  • Mine closure is a formal process for transitioning an operating mine after ore grade material has been depleted and processed.
  • Mine reclamation is the process of modifying land that has been mined to an ecologically functional and/or economically usable state.
  • Mine closure addresses many items over a long-term period including water management and protection; future land use; rock and tailings management; monitoring and maintenance plans and closure capital expenditure and operating costs.

Mine Closure and Reclamation PLAN

As a requirement of the mine permitting process for the proposed Kings Mountain Mine, Albemarle will prepare a mine closure and reclamation plan. This plan details how the mine expects to implement industry best practices for the closure and reclamation of the mine’s facilities and reestablish land uses.

Mine Closure

Mine closure involves planning collaboratively and effectively using best industry practices throughout the mine life cycle to ensure the future use is safe and environmentally protective. As part of the mine permitting process, Albemarle is required by law to secure and file a bond with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. In addition, Albemarle calculates closure capital and operating expenses to ensure successful closure outcomes.

Mine Reclamation

The planning of mine reclamation activities begins before the permitting of the mine and continues throughout the operational life of the mine. The actual process of reclamation can occur progressively while the mine is still operating, however, a substantial part occurs once mining is completed.

Engaging the Community on Future Land Use

Mine closure is a significant part of the mine life cycle for the surrounding community.​ The social costs of mine closure address the health and well-being of people and the level of dependence communities have on mining.​ To understand desires for end-land use, Albemarle is engaging with the Kings Mountain community to gather input and explore options before developing any plans. Albemarle expects to revisit those plans throughout the life of the mine to confirm the plan is still agreeable to the community.

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