Kings Mountain, a world-class facility, a world-class resource

Demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing at an exciting rate, driven in large part by increasing global demand for electric vehicles, mobile devices, and grid storage. We see these as essential markets intended to improve our quality of life by reducing air pollution, promoting electronic mobility, enabling portable medical devices, and advancing renewable energy. And at the heart of it, all is lithium.

Albemarle is one of the largest lithium companies in the world; it is also currently the only U.S.-based lithium company with multiple U.S. sites for lithium extraction, processing, and novel materials R&D to enable the next frontier of lithium-ion battery performance.

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The map provides updates on what’s happening in various locations at the Kings Mountain proposed mine site. You can access details about the current activities by clicking on highlighted areas of the map. This map will be updated weekly, however activities may change from day to day.

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