Gateway Trail Partnership


The Kings Mountain Gateway Trail is a public-private partnership between Cleveland County and Kings Mountain Gateway Trails organization. This beloved community feature is used by more than 60,000 people each year. The recreational trail provides the community with a scenic area to hike, bike, view wildlife, picnic with friends and family, and partake in community events.

Currently, the Foote Trail runs along the top portion of the old mine pit on an easement granted to the trail by Albemarle. As we continue to explore redevelopment of the Kings Mountain Mine, Albemarle continues to participate in planning discussions with the Gateway Trail Board of Directors, the City of Kings Mountain, and Cleveland County to develop a plan for a new section of the Gateway Trail that aligns with the city’s Master Plan for parks and recreation facilities.

We are committed to preserving and enhancing recreation opportunities for our community. We intend to continue supporting engagement with the community to gather input and ensure the best vision for the future of the trail can be realized.

Currently, there is no timetable for the trail to be affected by potential mining operations at the Kings Mountain site, and we expect the trail will continue to remain open to the public across Albemarle’s property.

Please check back here or visit the Kings Mountain Gateway Trail website for updates on future plans.