Mitigating Potential Impacts



Albemarle’s goal in the redevelopment of the Kings Mountain Mine site is to design and deploy safe and environmentally responsible mining methods that protect groundwater and surface water resources. We plan to conduct ongoing water monitoring and maintain a mitigation plan to address any issues throughout the lifecycle of the mine operations, through to the closure of the site.

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Albemarle is working with environmental consultants to conduct studies to gather data and develop models to understand how atmospheric processes like wind speed and temperature can disperse potential pollutants during mining activities. We plan to use this information to evaluate the potential impacts of emissions on the surrounding communities and help determine an appropriate mitigation strategy.

Download the Air Quality Fact Sheet


Albemarle is developing a noise monitoring and mitigation plan. A network of nine monitoring stations has been installed around the site to assess vibration and noise levels produced by mining activity and confirm they are well below thresholds established by state regulations. We expect to provide the monitoring results every quarter.


Albemarle is implementing a comprehensive traffic management plan that analyzes vehicle travel and hauling operations during key phases of the Kings Mountain Mine’s development. The plan is intended to increase safety and minimize negative impacts on nearby residents and other roadway users. The plan takes into consideration the equipment needed to support mining operations, employee and delivery vehicles, and the construction phase.

Visual Impacts

The redevelopment plan for the proposed Kings Mountain Mine involves the construction of infrastructure to support the mine’s construction and ongoing operations. We anticipate that this development will change some of the viewsheds of certain areas throughout the community such as residential neighborhoods, parts, recreational spots, schools and major travel routes, due to the altered height and mass of the new infrastructure. Albemarle is planning to take detailed measures to mitigate potential visual impacts through use of buffers, landscaping and berms.