Kings Mountain Welcomes Group of Future Female Innovators

July 20, 2023

Kings Mountain Welcomes Group of Future Female Innovators

Holly Powell, a Research and Development Chemist at Kings Mountain, is excited to instill her love of science in the next generation.

Powell, an alumna of Cleveland County Schools, recently [SP1] hosted Kings Mountain Middle School’s “STEM Girls,” a group of female students who excel in the classroom and show interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

“It was really cool to have that in common with the kids,” said Powell. “Some of the students even had the same teacher I did who sparked my interest in science.”

The tour brought students to the mine site and research and development lab. After lunch, Powell introduced the STEM Girls to eight female scientists from our Kings Mountain team who discussed their diverse backgrounds, the importance of education, their journeys as women in STEM and why they love what they do.

“The students wanted to hear our personal experiences that led us to pursue careers in STEM,” Powell explained. “It was rewarding to see and hear how excited the students were already about their future. I hope having these conversations and supporting this passion early on will drive them to pursue STEM throughout their lives.”

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