Employee Spotlight: Jeff McCall

Early in the COVID-19 crisis, Jeff McCall read an article about a Boy Scout using a 3D printer to make ear savers for hospital workers.

Jeff, a member of the R&D team in Kings Mountain, was intrigued by the idea. He decided to put his own 3D printer to work to create ear savers, which are small plastic bands with hooks to hold face mask straps, keeping them from irritating the wearer’s ears. After delivering several batches of ear savers to a friend, who is the head nurse on a local COVID-19 response team, Jeff learned healthcare workers also needed face shield frames. With the help of his 15-year-old daughters, Hailey and Hannah, he ran his printer about 16 hours a day for several weeks, creating both ear savers and face shield frames.

“My daughters got really into keeping the printer running to increase the quantities we could provide,” said Jeff. The items Jeff and his daughters printed went to local hospitals and home health nurses. He even offered ear savers to colleagues at the Kings Mountain site to help make wearing a mask more comfortable.

Thank you to Jeff for Growing the Good from Home and showing our colleagues and the community what it means to Care during the COVID-19 crisis!